2017 Summer Teacher PD Workshop Day 1

July 17, 2017

Author: bbabbitt

2017 Summer Teacher Professional Development Workshop, Day 1 highlights

Capital Region Teachers gathered today on the RPI Campus for an exciting day of professional development. Teachers met and talked with the Culturally Situated Design Tools (CSDT) developers and C-STEM undergraduate, graduate, and staff personnel as they learned about technologies that they can incorporate into lessons for use in their classrooms.

Development teams and researchers addressed the teachers during the morning session, providing an introductory overview of the six tool showcased during the PD this week. Above, Postdoc Michael Lachney, Staff Developer James Davis, and Graduate Researcher Zoe Zatz discuss the cornrows simulation. Co-Principal Investigator and Professor of Communications and Media Audrey Bennett discusses the Quilting simulation with teachers (below).

Audrey Bennett

Following the morning overview presentations, teachers then attended the CSDT Maker Faire, where developers, researchers, and staff further explained each of the highlighted tools. The displays included each of the software simulations on laptops for teachers to try along with examples of all the various physical renderings of the virtual designs, available to them and their students.

Audrey Bennett and Ron Eglash

At the Maker Faire, Principal Investigator, and Science and Technology Studies Professor Ron Eglash and Professor Bennett discuss the Quilting simulation and the applique method for students to physically create their virtual designs (above). Graduate students Amelia Peterson and Leo Bachinger (below and far right) discuss environmental sensors, natural dyes, and composting with area teachers.

Amelia Peterson and Leo Bachinger

James Davis

Above, C-STEM Software Developer and RPI alum James Davis discusses the Cornrow Curves software, 3D modeling, and printing of student designs and PH sensors used to determine the alkalinity or acidity of various hair care products. Below, C-STEM Undergraduate Researcher Michaela Yamashita talks with teachers about the Performance Arts research, electronic costuming, and the use of the Arduino microcontroller. (Allison Mrugal and High School Interns not pictured).

Michaela Yamashita

Ryan Holm

Above, C-STEM Staff Developer Ryan Holm talks with teachers about the Anishinaabe Arcs software and the physical rendering of wiigwaams, the traditional form of housing for the Anishinaabe people. (Postdoc Bill Babbitt not pictured). Below, C-STEM Undergraduate Researcher Tari Vicenti talks with teachers about Cornrow Curves and her experiences working with students in the classroom.

Tari Vicenti

Obeng Buo, Dagen Braun, Andriy Nikoloyenko

Above, C-STEM Undergraduate Researchers Dagen Braun, Andriy Nikolayenko, and Obeng Buo (left to right) talk with teachers about the Adinkra simulation, 3D printing, and Adinkra stamping.