2017 Summer Teacher PD Workshop Day 3

July 19, 2017

Author: bbabbitt

2017 Summer Teacher Professional Development Workshop, Day 3 highlights

Teachers from the capital region gathered at RPI for the third day of the Seeing Algorithms, C-STEM Teacher Professional Development Workshop. The morning began with a continuation from day 2. Teachers resumed working with the Culturally Situated Design Tools tutorials or their Arduino sensor devices. All of the teachers have the goal of learning the C-STEM technologies to use them in their classrooms during the upcoming school year.

The cosmetology group (pictured above) began in earnest working to create hair care treatments to test using the Arduino PH sensors. Postdoc Michael Lachney, Staff Programmer James Davis, Graduate Research Assistant Zoe Zatz and Undergraduate Researcher Tari Vicenti assisted the teachers in their research.

Michaela Yamashita, Allison Mrugal

Undergraduate C-STEM Researchers Michaela Yamashita and Allison Mrugal worked with teachers to implement Arduino based performing arts technology (above). In addition, teachers learned how to program within the Arduino IDE to adjust the designs of the technology.

Following their simulation work, teachers began to physically render the designs they created using the CSDT software. Below, the teachers that worked using the Adinkra simulation software began to 3D print their Adinkra designs and construct foam and cardboard Adinkra stamps to use in stamping their designs onto t-shirts with fabric paint. Undergraduate C-STEM Researchers Obeng Buo, Dagen Braun, and Andriy Nikolayenko assisted the teachers with their physical creations.

Obeng Buo, Dagen Braun, Andriy Nikolayenko

Ryan Holm, Bill Babbitt

Pictured above, the Arcs team of teachers worked to create Anishinaabe Arc Wiigwaam structures in wood using reed and electro-luminescent wire, as well as Myco foam - the styrofoam replacement, grown locally by Ecovative of Green Island, NY. The Arcs team was assisted by Staff Programmer Ryan Holm and Postdoc Bill Babbitt.

Following the morning session, teachers began work on creating lesson plans based on the Culturally Situate Desing Tools and the C-STEM technologies that they learned about over the course of the workshop. Pictured below, teachers working in their groups, collaborating on their lesson plans.