2017 Summer Teacher PD Workshop Day 3

July 19, 2017

Author: bbabbitt

Area teachers attending professional development construct "The NOSE".

During the teacher professional development workshop today, Graduate C-STEM Researchers Amelia Peterson and Leo Bachinger worked with teachers in the Environmental Sensing group to invent a device they call "The NOSE". The NOSE was constructed using the Arduino microcontroller and various sensors and is designed for students to collect data to articulate environmental problems in their own communities. Using this technology, students learn about programming, the science behind environmental sensors, how to interpret and how to analyze data meaningfully. A data mapping tool will help the students to understand their findings within larger social and cultural contexts.

Pictured above, teachers fit "The NOSE" apparatus into a box and mount sensors to the front of the cardboard.

Amelia Peterson

Amelia and area teachers test air quality at a nearby intersection at RPI.


Amelia and one of teacher participants taking air quality samples at an exhaust vent at an undisclosed location on the RPI campus.

Ethan Riley, Amelia Peterson, Leo Bachinger

Amelia, Leo and Undergraduate Research Assistant Ethan Riley take air samples using "The NOSE" on the '86 Field at RPI.

Amelia Peterson, Area Teacher

Amelia and a teacher participant using their device to make indoor air quality measurements.

"The NOSE" generation 2.0 pictured below:

The Nose

The NOSE = The Neighborhood Observatory for Sensing the Environment