2018 Equals Awards Finalist

Sept. 7, 2018

Author: holmryan

The 2018 EQUALS in Tech Award is an award for STEM websites that demonstrate the potential of technology to enable and empower women and girls across the globe as #EQUALSinTech. It is administrated by the EQUALS Global Partnership to Bridge the Digital Gender Divide. CSDT was one of 22 finalists out of 357 nominations, in particular one of five finalists in the Research Category ("Initiatives working to expand digital gender divide knowledge in support of evidence-based decision-making").

As the website lists in regards to our project, "Powerful forms of STEM knowledge have been overlooked because they reside in under-represented communities and low-income activities. In particular we find that "heritage algorithms"--iterative patterns in Navajo weaving, fractals in cornrow braids, and so on--are often associated with women's work."

Thank you for the honor of being a finalist, EQUALS in Tech Awards! https://www.equals.org/awards