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Summer Interns 2018
July 13, 2018

From July 9th to July 13, 2018, CSDT hosted interns from elementary, middle, and high schools around Albany, NY at RPI.…


C-STEM attends the Black Arts and Cultural Festival @ Empire State Plaza
Aug. 5, 2017

C-STEM personnel attended the Balck Arts and Cultural Festival at Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany, NY. C-STEM PI …


C-STEM Summer Interns preparing for the Black Arts and Cultural Festival
Aug. 2, 2017

C-STEM summer interns spent the day working with the Arduino controlled pH sensor and the new data visualization softwa…


Welcome High School Interns!
July 5, 2017

We're so happy to have three high school interns join use here at RPI. They will be helping us with everything from tes…