C-STEM Arcs Workshop @ Northern Michigan University

June 23, 2017

Author: bbabbitt

C-STEM PI Dr. Ron Eglash, Co-PI Dr. Audrey Bennett, Postdoc Bill Babbitt, and RPI Grad student Michael Lachney conducted this two-day workshop. During the workshop, students learned basic computer programming and selected math topics by simulating wiigwaams, longhouses, canoes, among other Anishinaabe structures, using the Arcs CSDT. Students learned the history of building design incorporating arcs used by the Anishinaabe people.

Michael assisting Arcs students

Students then creatively extended these algorithms as they made their own designs (top). Michael Lachney, assisting students as they work with the Arcs software.

Ron assisting Arcs students

The student simulations were completed on the first day of the workshop. The second day was devoted to students physically rendering their virtual designs using materials representing one of three career paths: 1) sustainability; 2) design; 3) engineering. PI and RPI Professor Ron Eglash (left) assisting students during their physical rendering work.

Finally, students created short narratives describing how these structures and materials might relate to their personal interests and goals.