NCUR Poster Acceptance

Jan. 17, 2020

Author: bbabbitt

Congratulations to undergraduate student researchers Kafka Wei and Scott Taylor for the acceptance of their Poster abstract submission "Culturally Situated Design Tools: Laser-Cutting Adinkra to Streamline Production for Ghanaian Artisans" by the National Conference of Undergraduate Research. The 2020 NCUR event scheduled for March 26 - 28, will be held at Montana State University. Wei's and Scott's submission was chosen from more than 4,000 submissions and judged to demonstrate a unique contribution to the field of study. Wei is invited to present the poster to peers, faculty, and staff from all over the nation at the NCUR Conference.

Also, Alex Hsia served as Student Peer Advisor for this project. Ron Eglash, Professor in the School of Information and the Stamps School of Art and Design served as the projects Research Mentor.

NCUR event website

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