C-STEM Undergrad Training, Performance Arts Team

May 3, 2017

Author: 01daliamaldonado

The Performance Arts research team presented their work at a C-STEM Undergraduate training today. Miguel Lantigua and Michaela Yamashita (top) introduce their research to their fellow C-STEM Ambassadors. The team works on electronic costuming, using the Arduino Microcontroller and Electroluminescent Wire. The focus of the training is to provide the C-STEM Ambassadors with presentation experience and practice in explaining their research. PI Ron Eglash was on hand to help guide students as they work to craft an engaging presentation for use in local high-needs high schools.

EL wire demo

Above (left to right), C-STEM Ambassadors Kofey Yankey, Aaron Taylor, Dagen Braun, and Ciaran Young listen to Michaela as she explains the software behind the Arduino and EL wire setup.