How to Use the Bead Loom

Lesson 1: Points, Lines, Rectangles

The Virtual Bead Loom simulates the same grid pattern as the traditional bead loom. Users place colored circles in columns (the Y-axis) and rows (the X-axis).

There are several tools for placing beads on the virtual loom. In each case you use the "tab" key or the mouse to move your cursor to the field for entering the coordinates, then you enter them, and then press the button for the shape tool. The point tool places a single bead:

The line tool places lines of beads. You specify the two endpoints of the line. Diagonal lines tend to be jagged, but resizing the grid can help that (see "Options menu" on next page).

The rectangle tool fills in a rectangle of beads. You specify two vertices (lower right and upper left). The rectangles of this tool are always aligned with the axes.