Culturally Situated Design Tools

The elitist myths of "savages" and "white trash" led to today's bigotry. Here you can counter those stereotypes with African fractals, Appalachian quilting algorithms and more. From Native beadwork to urban graffiti, students can find the “heritage algorithms” of their interest, learn their connection to STEM principles, and develop designs of their own creation.

Learn, create, and share your work with Culturally Situated Design Tools!!

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Discrete Iteration: Many cultural patterns are just repeating shapes. Great for beginners!

Continuous Paths: Some cultural patterns are more like drawing than stamping. Also a nice starting place.

3D: We all know "X" and "Y" for Cartesian graphs. Add "Z" and you can create architecture and other structures from many cultures.

Recursion: To understand recursion, you must first understand recursion.

Hardware: Use an Arduino or environmental sensors to create tools for investigation and exploration.

Music, Games, and AI: Cultural paths to programming everything from music scenes to smart machines.