Science Fiction

Before 1960, science fiction (SciFi) was largely seen as silly stories about robots and spaceships. But today it is recognized as an important genre that discusses social issues in relation to science and technology.

Just as science and society informs science fiction, SciFi also informs our science and society. So much so, in fact, that cell phones were first envisioned in star trek, and countries around the world fund projects to search for alien life.

SciFi also speaks to social justice: ‘If robots become conscious, should they have rights? What gives someone rights? Would aliens have rights?’

Science fiction usually comes to mind as movies and books, but it also includes art, comics, music, dance and much more. And although SciFi is a genre of literature, it is composed of many different sub-genres. Here we talk about: Afrofuturist, Native, Feminist, and Speculative SciFi