Speculative SciFi

Speculative SciFi explores what might be the result if a certain thing happens in the future like, ‘Once robots do everything, what will humans do?’

There are many excellent speculative SciFi novels, as it is one of the oldest forms of science fiction. Isaac Asimov is a beloved SciFi writer who was one of the first people to consider what a future with robots might mean. He asked deep questions like ‘If humanity continues as it has, what will the future look like?’ Another beloved author is Michael Crichton. Michael Crichton is perhaps most famous for his book Jurassic Park, which was adapted into a movie. Jurassic Park questions, ‘If you can’t control chaos, and life is chaotic, can you ever control life?’

There are many famous and beloved speculative movies & TV shows. Speculative SciFi TV became mainstream with Star Trek way back in 1966. Star Trek was shocking to many people because it showed a hopeful future in a chaotic time. It asked the simple question, ‘If we shape the future, what will it look like?’ In doing so, Star Trek broke many boundaries with the first interracial kiss on television, women serving in the military, and discussing life without money.

Speculative SciFi art often involves careful consideration of what something might look like. Many SciFi artists wonder about alien life: ‘Would an alien from a larger planet be smaller because of gravity? Would it have four legs like most creatures? Would it still need arms to use tools?’ Other artists express their speculation about humanity through images.