AI: Keepin' it Real

In this Black Eyed Peas video, rapper shows the group some new technology: an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program that can produce their songs for them. "You just type in the lyrics and it does the rest". Fergie gets upset, and says it's not real music if the machine does all the singing and plays all the instruments. What do you think about this AI? Are there some jobs AI should not be doing? Are there some jobs it should do?

Today there are many different applications of AI in everyday life from virtual assistants like Siri & Alexa to self-driving cars. But the owners of those companies are billionaires. Rarely is AI used to benefit local makers and artisans to support their work. This is especially relevant for weavers and textile workers whose fabrics are often appropriated by companies, and have to compete against the mass production of fakes.

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