Teaching Materials

The materials in this section are made for teachers, but students should feel free to browse them as well.

Modified basket simulations created by Ed Galindo's students at the Shoshone-Bannock summer science camp, "Dance of the Salmon," June-August 2001.

Josh Washakie, age 14. “Imperial”

Edred Jay, age 15. “Let there be light”

Edred Jay (aka “jaba jay”), age 15. Untitled.

Josh Washakie, age 14. “Invincible”

Jaba Jay, age 15. “the black bullet”

Jared Sireech, age 13. “Big Corn”

Alana G. Baldwin, age 16. “Munchie Basket”

Joe Lucero, age 12. “Target”

Joe Lucero, age 12. “upside-down top”