Tooled Leather Challenges

Test your knowledge with these projects


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Your NameEasy

Many times, leather working is used to brand or demonstrate ownership. While today that's often the labeling of big companies, you can make your own brand with your name.


Scenes of beauty and nature are used in most art. Leather working is no different, and these flowers express that intricacy.

Taureg LeatherHard

There are lots of ways to work with leather. This Taureg camel saddle bag uses paint and embroidery.


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Woven PatternsEasy

A lot of leather designs borrow heavily from non-leather like this bag.

Celtic KnotsMedium

Celtic knots form an entire language, but today that language is mostly lost. What we do know is that the three pronged knot is an essential part of this culture.

More Kapa PatternsHard

While the tutorial kapa pattern was fairly simple, most patterns are extremely complex using all the geometric transformations.


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Tuareg BoxEasy

Tuareg Leather jewelry boxes have many reoccuring design motifs. The central pattern on this section is the V-shape repeated down the center.


Hawaiian kapa sometimes repeats the discrete design of a pattern many times. Make a function that draws the V-shape and repeats it down a line four times.

Pine TreeHard

This pine tree is from some chukkas. See if you can use functions to make reusable branches on the sides of the tree. You'll have to use parameters in your function headers to control size!


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Mayan PyramidEasy

The mayan pryamidal design is very common and ancient. They're typically done in bright colors.

Rose DesignsMedium

This is a painted rose design pattern that is pretty common and beautiful.

Taureg StampsHard

These are the Taureg stamps based on Taureg jewelry which is very famous.


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Belt ReflectionEasy

This belt pattern actually has a repeating design with two costumes alternating.

Rotated KapaHard

This kapa has both alternating rotating and alternating color.