2017 Summer Teacher PD Workshop Day 2

July 18, 2017

Author: bbabbitt

2017 Summer Teacher Professional Development Workshop, Day 2 highlights

Teachers from the capital region returned to the RPI campus today for day 2 of the Seeing Algorithms, C-STEM Teacher Professional Development Workshop. The teachers began their 'deep dive' into one of six CSDT technologies highlighted at the workshop. The six technologies included Quilting, Adinkra, Anishinaabe Arcs, Cornrow Curves, Performance Arts, and Environmental Sensing.

Pictured above, teachers are hard at work reviewing the background information for the tool they chose to learn more about. Pictured below, Undergraduate Research Assistant Allison Mrugal (center), works with teachers as they construct a poster detailing what they learned in their background research.

Allison Mrugal

In the afternoon session, teachers began working with the simulation software. Pictured below, Principal Investigator Ron Eglash (far right) and Co-PI Audrey Bennett (far left) assist teachers as they work their way through the Quilting simulation tutorial.

Ron Eglash, Audrey Bennett

Amelia Peterson, Leo Bachinger

Pictured above, Graduate Research Assistants Amelia Peterson (center right) and Leo Bachinger (left) work with area teachers as they learn about all of the various sensors available for the Arduino microcontroller. The Cornrow Curves team led by Postdoc Michael Lachney (below center), Staff Programmer James Davis (below right), and Tari Vicenti (below left) worked with teachers as they conducted research on PH sensing and hair care product safety.

Michael Lachney, James Davis, Tari Vicenti