C-STEM attends 4S, Boston

Sept. 1, 2017

Author: bbabbitt

C-STEM personnel attended the Annual Meeting of 4S, the Society for Social Studies of Science, held in Boston MA. C-STEM PI Ron Eglash, co-PI Audrey Bennett, Postdoctoral Researchers Bill Babbitt, Michael Lachney, and graduate student Zoe Zatz attended the meeting, presenting a Making and Doing display titled Generative STEM: Circulating Unalienated Value in Education, Labor, and Environment.

Above, Michael Lachney, Zoe Zatz, and Bill Babbitt (not pictured) stand ready to explain our ongoing STEM education project with Albany NY area cosmetology students (see Cos-Computing). On the table behind Michael and Zoe are arrayed our Adinkra cloth, Adinkra simulation software telling the generative STEM story of our work with Adinkra artisans.

Ron Eglash participates in a panel session on Saturday, titled "Captivating Technology: Race, Technoscience, and the Carceral Imagination."

Michael Lachney participates in a panel session on Saturday, titled "If Not Now Then When: STS and Critical Race Theory."