Oral History Projects / South End: Then & Now

Dr. Alice Green

Interviewed by Romelo Garcia and Antonio Lacy


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Dr. Alice Green is a community organizer and activist who works in Albany’s South End neighborhood on issues of racial justice, most prominently criminal law and prison reform. She is the Executive Director of the Center for Law and Justice, a non-profit organization that she founded in 1985 in Albany, NY. Dr. Green has earned many degrees, including a doctorate in criminal justice from University of Albany. In addition to grassroots politics, Dr. Green also has experience in electoral politics, running on the Green Party of New York State ticket for Lieutenant Governor in 1998 and Mayor of Albany in 2005. She is co-author of the book Law Never Here: A Social History of African American Responses to Issues of Crime and Justice. During the summer of 2018, Dr. Green ran a DIY program that used African knowledge to innovative cosmetic products at the the Center for Law and Justice.

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May 29, 2018

Howe Library, Albany, NY


Executive Director of the Center for Law and Justice

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