Virtual Bead Loom Workbook for Middle School (grades 6-8)

Grade level: 6-8

Just Bead It – Sorting, Classifying, and Counting

Grade level: K/1

Concepts and skills taught: sorting, classifying, counting, writing numerals

Math standard: Number and Operations

Materials required: Colored beads, colored pencils or crayons

Lesson Plan using the Virtual Bead Loom

Grade level: 4

Concepts and skills taught:Each student will practice plotting coordinate pairs on a graph and create a bead design.

This design will then be re-created using real beads on a bead loom. Through this process students will learn about the Cartesian coordinate system and the vocabulary associated with it.

Beadwork Packet: Using the Culturally Situated Design Tool: Virtual Beadloom

Grade level: 6-8

Concepts and skills taught:Native American culture; geometry

Sequencing Worksheet

NCTM Standards: 1, 2, 8


Concepts and skills taught: Fractions, percents, ratios and decimals

Lesson and activity on coordinate planes

Grade level: 6-8

Concepts and skills taught: Coordinate planes

Puerto Rico Flag Project

Lesson Plan designed by Mimi Thomas, 2004 Art Educator of the Year

Grade level: Grade 3 and up

Concepts and skills taught: Cartesian coordinates; how to teach math using the Virtual beadloom software