Graffiti Cultural Background Questions

Birth and Evolution

  • Who started Graffiti in NYC?
  • Why did other kids imitate him?

Tagging and More

  • What are tags?
  • What came after tags in the history of graffiti?

Style Wars

  • What were the style wars?
  • What are "writers' benches"?

The Golden Age

  • What was "king of all lines"?
  • Why was that difficult to acheive?


  • What was mayor Ed Koch's point of view?
  • Do you agree? Why?

Contemporary Graffiti

  • Where did graffiti start to appear after it was no longer applied to subway trains?

Graffiti and Hip Hop

  • What is the relation between graffiti and hip hop?

The Two Today

  • Who does graffiti today?

The Environment

  • Why is graffiti still important?