Teaching Materials


Linda Rodrigues  <linda_rodrigues@nhusd.k12.ca.us>

Joseph Bowman  <jebowman@albany.edu>

Nettrice Gaskins <nettrice@gmail.com>

Cheryl Seals <sealscd@auburn.edu>

Ron Eglash<eglash@rpi.edu>



  • Linda Rodrigues and her students for running the first classroom use of Graffiti Grapher
  • Cort Winters and Ricky Willems for their flash wizardry in creating the Graffiti Grapher Applet.
  • Cody Powers for his work in designing and coding the original Graffiti Grapher Java Applet.
  • Lawrence Eng for his research and writing on the cultural aspects of graffiti, and for designing the prototype of this website.
  • Dr. Rayvon Fouche for offering his insights on the significance of graffiti in contemporary hip-hop culture.
  • Gusto for donating his artwork image to our homepage. For more of his work see http://graffiti.org/nyc/newyork_82.html
  • Susan Farrell of graffiti.org for maintaining such a valuable information resource and for allowing graffiti.org images to be used on this site.
  • Thanks especially to all the graffiti artists whose work appears on this site. For more specific artist credits, please see the captions underneath the images themselves.
  • Finally, thanks to all the graf writers out there--past, present, and future.