Evolution of Kente

Kente has evolved a great deal since it was first produced. At first, kente was intended to be worn solely by kings and chiefs. They would often wear the bright cloth to festivals. Now kente is worn by many different people in Ghana-- presidents, parliamentarians, and ministers. It is often made into bags, sandals, and shirts for commercial sales.

Kente Sandals.

Kente Bags.

The cloth itself has also seen many changes over the past few centuries. In early years, all of the thread used to produce kente was made from silk. Today, cloth is made from rayon, cotton, and silk, making it affordable for a greater number of people. New patterns with new meanings are constantly being designed, but many of the original patterns are still used in weaving.

This is the oldest kente design in existence. The patterns mean God is great and Never give up. This cloth is made with silk threads.