CSDTs Unplugged

How to make and use your own blocks for CSDTs Unplugged

How to make your own blocks:

Step 1: Print out an image of the blocks.

Step 2: Cut out the paper image of each block with scissors.

Step 3: Cut blocks from plastic, or wood, or old extension cord--whatever is available. We found this square plastic pipe for electrical wiring in Kumasi: only 2 cedis for 10 feet! Cut lengths to match your paper blocks. Here we used a hacksaw with the pipe clamped in a vise. You can use flat paper strips but they are hard to hold and they slide around too much.

Step 4: Wrap clear postal tape around each block. Now you are ready to use CSDTs Unplugged.

How to use CSDTs Unplugged for Adinkra Computing:

Step 1: Demo adinkra computing using a computer or projector.

Step 2: Show how to lay out the blocks in panels, and provide whiteboard pens for writing in numbers.

Step 3: Challenge participants to create their own scripts using the "unplugged" blocks.

Step 4: Using small stamps and paper, check to see if someone else can create the patten using your script. As a final check, you can try it on a computer to see if it agrees. In this way a class with only one computer can support programming activities for many students.